A timid snake is a pig nosed snake.

The world is so funny and magical. There are cowardly people and cowardly snakes in the world. Not all snakes are fierce and terrifying. There is a kind of snake whose courage is smaller than that of a rabbit.

When the man walked, he found a snake with a belly up and a big mouth on the grass. It looked like a dead snake, and he immediately had a big heart to play.

He playfully put his fingers into his mouth, and the snake’s reaction turned people over. He rolled and twisted in place, and at the end of his mouth, his tongue remained still. He was allowed to poke at it by any man, and it remained still.

But it will also secretly watch the movement of the enemy. If you stare at it all the time, it will continue to pretend to be dead. As soon as your eyes leave, it will slip away, cunning enough not to want.

It turns out that this snake is a pig nosed snake, the most timid snake in the world. It is basically harmless to people, but its response is cute. It is often kept as a pet in foreign countries.

Its nose is like a pig’s nose and its shape is like an eye snake, but its courage is far worse than that of a cobra.