A Wolverine

Although marten bear has a bear character, it is not a bear, but a carnivorous beast of the same family as sable and weasel. Just as a panda is not a cat, but a bear. China’s mink bears only have a small number in the Daxinganling Mountains in the northeast.

Mink and bear are gluttonous. Squirrels, marmots, grouse, hazel chickens, these small and weak animals, are often its food. It’s the beasts that are several times bigger than it, such as reindeer, red deer, moose, boar, roe deer… It also dared to ambush. If you have good luck, those giants will be its prisoners of war.

Mink bears have sharp claws and sharp teeth. When it catches prey, it is very tactical. It attacks head-on from the unknown fire, but ambushes among the branches in advance, waiting for the opportunity. Once he saw someone passing under the tree, he jumped down quickly and disappeared. He grabbed the animal and never let go. He bit the neck of the captive fiercely until his throat broke. Are Martens invincible generals in the world? Of course not. Ferocious beasts often hunt for Martens and bears. But Martens have a knack for protecting themselves and defending their enemies. The color of its hair changes with the seasons, and it changes twice a year. The winter hair grows in October, the color of the hair is tan, and the color on the back and legs is darker; the summer hair changes in spring, the color of the hair is very light, the hair on the body is light brown, and the hair on the back and legs is slightly dark. The fur color of marten bears is close to the natural environment, and it is not easy to be found by enemies when climbing trees and walking through grasslands. This is also what zoologists usually call “protective color”. But that’s not the main thing. Its brilliance is that it can cast chemical bombs – smelly liquid. When the enemy pursues it, it uses this chemical weapon to release the smelly liquid. Roll on the spot to make the stink stick all over your body. The enemy smelt the stench, sneezed, and fainted. No one is after it any more. Mink and bear took the opportunity to slip away.