About cold knowledge and interesting things about bees.

Maybe most of us would prefer not to touch this insect. Some of us may scream and dance when we see this insect in an attempt to get rid of it. Of course, there are many people who are frightened and dumb at the sight of this insect – who have been stuck there for a long time. But when you know these little things, you may begin to think that bees are also a fairly smart and interesting little animal.

About Bee Cold Knowledge and Interesting Things

1. Bees can recognize different faces. If you ever want to kill them, they may look forward to meeting you again.

2. Beekeepers found blue and green honey in France because bees found waste from M&M’s candy factory during their foraging.

3. In most cases, bees do not die after stabbing an enemy. Bees only die after they sting humans because we have thick skin, but they don’t hurt themselves when they sting other insects.

4. As the number of bees is decreasing, Harvard University is now trying to make bee robots. Bee robots are about the same size as real bees, and they also pass on pollen and make honey.

5. The wasp warms up before battle. Nobody knows why, is it one of the weight loss programs?

6. You can use the U.S. Postal Service to mail live bees to others. What a wonderful gift a box of bees would be.

7. Bees and butterflies like to drink crocodile tears, and to their delight, crocodiles often shed tears when they eat.

8. Badgers emit odor, suffocating secretions from their anal glands that fumigate the hives and leave them.

9. Once the queen bee is deemed unworthy of loyalty by the workers, the workers will gather on the queen bee until the queen is heated to death. This lethal embrace occurs when the queen bee is too old or suffers from some disease.

10. Honeybees are assigned jobs based on their age. Young bees who spend one to two days are usually given the task of cleaning their nests, while those who collect honey and pollinate are usually the oldest bees.

11. The hum of bees under normal conditions is in A key, and when they are tired, it becomes E key.

12. Bees communicate by dancing. They are social insects, so they need to be able to express themselves. After all, dancing is not the worst way.

13. To produce a can of honey, bees fly three times around the earth. Are you still complaining about your work?

14. It takes eight bees a lifetime to make a teaspoon of honey, and a teaspoon of honey will only make your tea a little sweet.

15. Bees know that the planet is spherical. They can even calculate some angles.

16. In the 15th century, Africans trained killer bees to protect their villages from slave traders. This is a more effective way to protect the aborigines.

17. Bees are trained to detect bombs. If bees find pollen at the molecular level, they should be able to detect bombs easily.

18. The queen bee can control the sex of its offspring. The queen bee is like a royal family in the human world, with some privileges.

19. Bees do not hibernate in winter. Instead, they clump together in their nests and use their wings to warm themselves. So in winter, when bees stop vibrating, it’s cold and death.

20. Each queen bee has its own personality and preference, and replacing one bee can change the personality and behavior of the whole nest bee.