Accompany the ship on a long voyage -seagull

On the misty ocean, the ships sailing between the clouds and water are often “escorted” by a large group of seagulls. Sometimes they hover on the ship’s side, sometimes they fight against the clear sky. Against the blue water and silver flowers, they are vigorous and lovely, adding vitality to the lonely journey.

People say that seagulls escort ships, which is a kind of rich language. In fact, the brain of seagull has not developed to this extent, and it can not make a friendly expression to human beings.

Scientists always regard the relationship between biology and natural environment as the starting point of thinking. The first thing they think about is the food for the seagulls. Seagulls eat small animals such as fish and shrimps in the sea. It’s not easy to catch these animals. Since the ship passed the sea, the seagull found that there are often fish and shrimp floating to the sea after the ship. Then they followed the ship in an attempt to get food It’s a little bit of cleverness that the environment gives them. After the ship has sailed, the big propeller keeps turning over the surging waves, which will make the fish and shrimp on the surface of the sea dizzy. Some of them are rolled to the sea by the waves, just like a special table of delicious food for the seagulls. Can the seagulls not enjoy it? That’s the real reason why the seagulls accompany the ship on the voyage. Before long, scientists revealed the deeper and more secret reason of seagull escort from the aspect of aerodynamics.

The air mass flowing in the air, after being blocked by obstacles, will form a rising air flow When the ship is running on the broad sea, the continuous collision between the ship body and the flowing air mass will form a rising air flow. The seagull can use this updraft to fly, which can save a lot of physical strength. It can float on the airflow without any effort and let the airflow hold it flying. Of course, the seagull will not understand the profound principle of aerodynamics, but it has already made full use of this natural law to serve itself.