Air transport – flying squirrels

Flying squirrels are flying animals. They have skin membranes on both sides of their bodies, which are different from feather wings, so flying of flying gliders is just “gliding”.

The nest of flying squirrels is built on high trees in the forest. One day, the inspection team found it, climbed up the tree and took down the mouse nest, in which four young flying squirrels were sleeping.

When the team members celebrated their harvest and were preparing to carefully observe and measure the pups, an unexpected event happened: the mother flying back to her nest found that the house had been taken away, and she was immediately angry. She turned around and flew down the branch, aimed at the team members, and then dived down. With a whoosh, she jumped into the mouse nest held by the team members, picked up a pup and flew straight up the tree, then whirled through the forest. Reach the other side of the river and airlift the baby out of danger. In a flash, the mother mouse flies back to pick up the second, the third and the fourth… All the members of the present scientific investigation team were moved by the fearless spirit of the mother flying squirrel who gave her life to save her son.

As mothers, they are desperate to save their children. This can be seen in almost all mammals. A wolf hunts pronghorn as hard as he can on Colorado plain. Pronghorn’s young body is weak and can’t escape the killing of wolves. However, at this critical moment, the female antelope was filled with rage and fought to the death. It jumped four or five meters high like an arrow off the string and rushed to the wolf. The wild wolf avoids its sharp edge and escapes in circles, but the female antelope keeps on chasing, kicks the wild wolf down with a hard iron like front hoof, and then kicks the wolf’s head to hurt. Finally, the evil wolf is killed under the female antelope’s hoof.

Under normal circumstances, when the antelope meets a strong enemy, it is always “thirty-six plans, the best way to go”, and it will never be reluctant to fight. But when the children are in danger, they will forget their own life and death and fight with the strong enemy. It’s an animal’s nature. It’s an instinctive behavior to continue the development of race.