Animal world anteater

Anteaters are famous for eating ants in the animal world. Its tongue is a tool for catching ants. It has no teeth. Its tip is like a tube. There is a big hole in the front of the tube. The tongue can freely extend or retract from it.

The tongue of anteaters is 60 cm long, and the muscles of the tongue are very developed. The horizontal and vertical muscle fibers are solid and powerful, so the tongue can flex and roll freely. When it is looking for food, it first slowly climbs to the termite nest, and carefully looks for the breakthrough of the ant nest by relying on the smell. When finding the target that can be broken, immediately extend the long claw, poke a small hole in the termite nest, and deepen the hole step by step. Then put the long tongue into the hole. Because the tongue is soft and sticky, it can be easily extended into termite’s cave, stuck to the tongue, rolled back into the mouth and eaten into the stomach.

Anteaters devour. Its tongue can extend and retract 160 times a minute. The ants it eats are countless. Anteaters like fast food for a reason. Because the ant was unwilling to let it eat, it quickly gathered forces to fight against the invaders. Under the fierce counterattack of the army ants, the anteater will also be defeated. It had a hard time, so it ate fast food, rushed to eat a termite nest, immediately transferred to the next. It’s full and safe, and won’t be wiped out by soldiers.