Armored animal — hard spike and hard armor

Echidna, hedgehog, porcupine and other animals, their body hair has become a hard sharp thorn, is a powerful defense tool. Among them, the back and buttocks of porcupine have dense hard spines, which can be raised by the contraction of powerful muscles under the skin surface, so porcupine is also known as porcupine.

Once encountering the enemy, porcupine immediately raises the hard stab and collides the hard stab with each other to produce a kind of “La La La” intimidating sound. At the same time, porcupine will continue to make a “Pu Pu Pu” roar from its mouth, indicating that it is inviolable. At this time, if the other side doesn’t listen to the warning and continues to approach, the porcupine will quickly turn around and face the enemy with a group of spear like hard stabs on its hips or back. If the enemy pours up, there will be many hard stabs on the enemy’s body when they touch each other. This kind of defense technique can make the fierce predators hurt, and the light ones suffer a lot, such as blind eyes, and the heavy ones will die. As for the weak and sluggish needlework and stabbing guess, when the enemy approaches, immediately lie down on the ground, bend the neck and head, bend the limbs and feet, and curl up into a fully armed stabbing ball. At this time, the ferocious beast only wants to sigh, wag its tail and go away disappointed.

Pangolin and Qiu Xu’s body hair have evolved into hard phosphorus sheets, each of which looks like a thick steel shield. When they are in danger, they will all shrink together to protect the key parts and expose the “thick shield” on the back, so that the enemy can’t start.