Australian Koala

The Australian Koala is almost as famous as the Chinese giant panda, and is a rare and precious animal in the world. Because koalas eat eucalyptus leaves and don’t like other foods, it’s hard for them to survive in other places except Australia. In zoos around the world, there are very few koalas.

Koalas have very poor fecundity. They can only bear once every two years and only one cub at a time. The newly born koala, with its head like a wasp, has no ability to live independently. It struggles to climb into the pouch under the mother’s stomach and sucks the mother’s milk.

The female koala’s pouch is the child’s safe, which is comfortable and safe. The child lived in the nursery bag for 180 days, with fluffy body and open eyes. But it can’t live on its own at the moment. It can’t stand on its own until it reaches the age of four.

Koalas love their children very much. In the face of danger, we would rather sacrifice ourselves than protect the baby. When an enemy invades, or a hunter aims his gun at him, he holds the baby tightly with his forelegs, and his eyes show loneliness and sadness.

Mother koalas are also strict with their children. If a child is too naughty to obey his mother’s instruction, it will make him suffer from some skin and flesh. At this time, the mother was full of anger and threw the child off her back, put it on her hind legs, stretched out her forelegs and fought hard, making the child squeaky until she was subdued. Since then, the koala will become a good baby, and the mother will love it more.