Badger, not afraid of snakes, eat anything.

What is a poisonous snake that can’t kill an animal? Badger, not only can not be killed by snakes, but also can be said to be the best animal on earth – he eats everything, and is not afraid of anything, bear dares to provoke him to encounter. When the badger wants to eat honey, he takes out the honeycomb. The bite of thousands of bees is itchy. If he wants to eat a cobra, he grabs it. If he is bitten, he only needs to sleep for two hours. The venom of the snake naturally breaks down in his body and wakes up and eats it.~

Mellivora capensis is the only animal belonging to the family Mellivora. They have been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for several years as “the most fearless animal in the world”. Habitat in tropical rainforest and open grassland areas, living alone or in pairs, mostly at dusk and night activities, rest in caves during the day. Omnivorous, small mammals, birds, reptiles, ants, carrion, wild fruits, berries, nuts and other food, can prey on venomous snakes, especially honey. It has typical reciprocal behavior with honeybees. It often follows the honeybees who are good at discovering honeycombs but can’t smash them. It smashes the honeycomb with its sharp claws and shares honey. Its thick and rough fur can resist the attack of the bee colony. The survival rate of pups is only 50% with similar self-mutilation. It is distributed in Africa, West Asia and South Asia.

Badgers usually appear in southern and Western Africa and Asia. Guinness World Records named it “the boldest animal”. This animal looks cute on the surface, but actually attacks almost everything. It’s smart enough to know the enemy’s weaknesses; for example, when faced with a man, it attacks his testicles. It is also one of the few animals that use tools, such as logs as ladders. Badgers like to eat bee larvae and pupae. They rush directly into the hive regardless of their own safety, which often leads to their unfortunate death. Badgers can kill crocodiles, and they are very effective snake killers. It takes only 15 minutes to eat a 1.7-meter snake. The ferocity of these animals is well known in nature, and no leopard or lion can kill them.

Badgers are very resistant to snake venom and are one of the few animals in the world that are resistant to snake venom. He is fierce and aggressive in dealing with different personalities. Character courage, perseverance, tenacity. The efficiency of hunting is very high. Unlike other predators, the honeydew always keeps hunting to meet the energy expended by its constant movement. Other predators usually rest after one hunt. There are about 60 kinds of prey for badgers, ranging from insects to rabbits. A male badger can run 9.6 kilometers an hour with ease, and its range of motion is more than 200 square miles or even larger.

Badgers often hunt at night and sleep in caves or cracks in rocks during the day. Badgers living in the Saharan Desert of Africa also hunt during the day and are good at digging holes. Their powerful weapons are their claws and teeth. They are so fierce that they are scarcely afraid of anything. It takes an hour for the leopard to catch it, because its smooth and tough fur makes it difficult to injure the body. The same kind of badger has self-mutilation, especially for pups. Only half of the pups can grow up to adulthood.