Black faced leaf monkey

The black faced langur is a rare mammal with black body hair and snow white fluff on its head, neck and upper shoulder. And on its head, there is a white hair crown. Therefore, it has the elegant name of “black faced langur”.

The black faced langur is thin with a body length of no more than 70 cm and a weight of only 10 kg. However, its tail is longer than its body length and is very beautiful. The top half of the tail is black, the bottom half is snow white, black and white. This tail is very important for the black faced langur. It’s a powerful tool for it to jump freely in the woods. It can swing five or six meters at a time, and can accurately roll another branch.

Black faced langurs love their hometown and like living in groups. The family members of black faced langurs vary from a few to more than 20. The family is headed by a male monkey, who is responsible for leading his family out to eat and other affairs. The life of black faced langurs is very regular. They get up at dawn and gather wild flowers, wild fruits, leaves, twigs, bamboo shoots and plantains in the forest. At noon, take a rest in the dense forest. Continue to look for food in the afternoon and don’t go home until evening. Black faced langurs live in caves or crevices on cliffs.

As a parent, the male monkey has a heavy task. It is responsible for the safety of the whole family. When it acts collectively, it makes a way in front and gives an alarm when it finds the enemy. When the young male monkeys in the family grow up and mature, they start to fight for their parents’ seats, so there will be a fierce battle. After the battle, the parents of the old male monkey were replaced by the young male monkey. For fear of future troubles, the young parents drove the old male monkey out of the house and never allowed him to come back. From then on, the old male monkey lived alone, lived in seclusion, lost the glory and glory of the past, and became very lonely and fierce. Once it was found, it would be old and sad. Even if people raised it under favorable conditions, it would be sad and die. Because black faced langurs miss their families so much. It can’t stand desolation, loneliness and depression. The ending is unimaginable.