Black necked Crane

The black necked Crane is the only crane species that lives in the plateau. Therefore, it is more precious and loved by zoologists all over the world. Its breeding area is only in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau of our country, and it is a rare bird of our country.

The black necked Crane likes a peaceful life. Its temperament is calm and steady. When it leads the young cranes to walk for food, it looks relaxed and free. So it gives the impression that it is so elegant and elegant.

But the black necked Crane is not always so leisurely and joyful, sometimes it will become extremely fierce and unbelievable. The dispute between black necked cranes is to fight for territory. Like most birds, black necked cranes have their own territory. They breed in their own territory and collect food. This is an unwritten law of the bird kingdom. If one intrudes into another’s territory or enters another’s territory by mistake, he will be countered and inevitably a fierce battle will take place.

Black necked cranes are always polite. What do they use to fight? They use three kinds of conventional weapons in battle: mouth, wings and legs. Their usual tactics are only three: mouth pecking, wing striking and foot pedaling.

The two black necked cranes in the battle were full of energy and eyes. They first pecked at the head and neck of their enemies with their sharp beaks like awls, and then beat them with their powerful wings. Sometimes they twist and fight, sometimes they tumble to the ground. They are inextricably divided. After a few rounds, start using kicking tactics Their legs were long and strong, with feathers flying on both sides and dust flying. About 3 minutes of fierce fighting, came a tall, strong black necked Crane, it is a peacemaker, came out to preside over the peace It rushes between two black necked cranes, which means “truce between the two sides”! It is like a senior referee, both sides must obey. Even if one side refuses to wave his hand, he dare not disobey his will. When the fight was over, the invaders were defeated and the defenders returned triumphantly.