The ballroom is a masterpiece of the gardener. During the breeding period, it specially built an open-air dance ground for tryst with lovers, marriage and reproduction.

The bower is a special bird in the Australian rainforest. Its peculiar breeding habits attract many ornithologists. In the breeding period every year, male gardeners begin to build dancing grounds first. In the middle of the forest, it chooses an open space with sufficient food and convenient water source to build an open-air dance ground. It began to level and clean up the ground, and took away the weeds, stones and other debris with its mouth to make the ground clean. Then take some branches of the same size and insert them into the two sides of the entrance of the dance ground, like a fence. On the Chaoyang ground at the end of the road, a dance ground will be built. The floor of the dance ground is paved with twigs and tender grass stems, which are loose and light, and emit a clear fragrance. Also decorated with blue wildflowers and red wild fruit. Sometimes it will be decorated with a few beautiful colorful feathers, which is a bit like a well-designed amusement park. Until satisfied, the male gardeners began to sing and dance on the dance ground designed and constructed by themselves. It attracts females with beautiful dancing and singing

Sex gardener birds. The female gardener, who lives in seclusion, has a deep interest in the performance of the male and comes to enjoy it. Seeing the audience of the opposite sex, the male is more excited. He dances and sings desperately. He keeps holding the wild fruit in his mouth to show off to the female. At last, the female in the audience was moved by her singing and dancing. She jumped into the dance floor and danced with her beloved bird, then married her.

After the mating of male and female, the female will break up with the male, and go to nest, brood and brood the chicks alone. The male is still singing and dancing on the dance floor to attract new mates. The female is not envious of the male’s love for the new and dislike the old, because the task of raising children is very heavy, and it has no intention to miss her lover.