Can chinchillas be raised?

The dragon cat has a certain position in the pet industry because of its small size. It looks a little similar to the hamster, but much smaller than the hamster. The price in the market also varies greatly. A little hamster can be bought for a few yuan, but a dragon cat needs at least several hundred yuan. As for whether the dragon cat can be released, it depends on whether the owner has a place to hide in his own home, because the dragon cat is very small, it is difficult to find it out of the cage.

Usually, we recommend that friends keep their food in cages when they raise dragon cats. Because they are too small, once they run out, they can easily find it. Every day, they can let out the wind at a fixed point for a while. That’s all. You asked me if I could keep the chinchilla. Friends, do you have any wires and furniture at home? If so, I’m sure I can’t. It will bite these things, and it will also urinate on the floor. That’s not very good.

If the chinchilla is released regularly, it will no longer be willing to go back to the cage, so it is better to keep it in the cage, which is not only safer, but also more important, sanitary, because there may be some bacteria on the floor of the house and so on, the chinchilla will easily get sick. If the free-range dragon cat hides in a corner of the house, it is difficult for the owner to find it, so it is better not to free-range.