Can cockroaches bite?

A friend’s hand had just been bitten by a strong cockroach about 3 centimeters long. The bite was swollen, itchy and painful. The bite felt hot. It’s hard. It feels like a bee bite. But it’s not as strong as bee bites. Q: Do cockroaches bite?

Answer: Cockroach mouthparts are chewable, so they don’t bite people specially. But because cockroaches are omnivorous insects, they can also bite people when they are hungry. They will feel pain but not serious. Unlike mosquitoes, they are at risk of infecting the virus. However, No cockroaches are found to carry AIDS, wear clothes after disinfection, and when cockroaches are of high density. It’s possible to go to bed to drill your ears or bite people, and you don’t usually go to bed when the density is low.

Summary: Cockroaches generally don’t bite, but sometimes they bite.