Can people take medicine for pets?

Pet Doctor: Some antibiotics can damage the organs of small animals.

“Three-month-old puppy has a cold. My friend suggested feeding the puppy with cough medicine for children. Is that reliable?” Yesterday, Ms. Zhang, a citizen, told Hohhot Evening News that she had seen from some pet forums that many owners had expressed that they could feed their pets to eat human medicines as long as they had a good dose.

Ms. Zhang’s Teddy dog is only three months old. “The little fellow is lively and lovely, very attractive.” Ms. Zhang said that she enjoyed walking with her puppy every morning and evening. A few days ago, Ms. Zhang noticed that the puppy began to catch a cold. At first, she sneezed occasionally. Later, she developed a runny nose. Ms. Zhang wanted to take her puppy to the pet hospital, but her friend objected: “Pet hospital is very expensive, you go to buy children’s cold medicine and anti-inflammatory drugs, master the dose, my puppy is sick, I treat it like this.” Subsequently, according to a friend’s suggestion, Ms. Zhang bought a test paper. After the test, without canine distemper, she went to the drugstore and bought the medicine. Then, according to the weight of the puppy, she compared the instructions of the medicine and fed the puppy. Ms. Zhang said that the puppy’s cold is much better now, but is it really okay to feed the puppy with medication? Will there be any side effects?

According to the symptoms of Ms. Zhang’s puppy, the reporter of Hohhot Evening News searched the dog Forum on the internet. There are different opinions about whether the puppy can be given human medicine. Some people say yes, but pay attention to the dose distribution, some conventional drugs can be taken; others say that pet medicine must be used, otherwise it may aggravate the condition.

Doctors at a pet hospital near Zhaowuda Road said that when pets get sick, they can’t abuse drugs for animals and people. In addition, some human medicines can cause discomfort, allergy, and even poisoning of puppies. “In addition, the dosage of human and small animals is different, and sometimes pets have some very serious clinical symptoms, at this time, once the owner of the drug will cause serious consequences, some antibiotics will seriously damage the organs of small animals, and even lead to death. It’s better to go to the pet hospital for examination and use pet medicine for symptoms.