Black necked Crane

October 31, 2019 relon 0

The black necked Crane is the only crane species that lives in the plateau. Therefore, it is more precious and loved by zoologists all over […]

White Stork East White Stork

October 30, 2019 relon 0

In the Netherlands, Austria and Germany of Europe, there are many villages called “white stork village”. The reason why these places are called “white stork […]


October 30, 2019 relon 0

The ballroom is a masterpiece of the gardener. During the breeding period, it specially built an open-air dance ground for tryst with lovers, marriage and […]

Turnix tanki

October 30, 2019 relon 0

The Yellow footed three toed quail, from this name has indicated its characteristic: two yellow long legs, three toes which protrude forward. The peculiar habits […]