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Snails are not a taxonomic name in biology. They generally refer to all terrestrial species of gastropoda. Generally speaking, there is no distinction between aquatic […]

Sea spider

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Sea spiders, also known as homopods, resemble spiders, so they are called sea spiders. Sea spiders are arachnoid marine animals of the Arthropoda family Pycnogonida, […]


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Vegetable is the shellfish meat of mussels, also known as Qingkou, elegant name “Mrs. Donghai”. [1] Protein content was up to 59%. Mussel is a […]

jumping spider

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Jumping spider, a family of Araneae, is commonly known as Jumping spider. Most of them do not exceed 15mm in length. It is named for […]

Ascaris lumbricoides

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IntroductionHuman ascariasis is a common parasitic disease caused by aphids parasitic in the human small intestine, and the incidence is relatively high in children. The […]


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Morphological characteristicsInsects, body and feet are slender. Mosquitoes are multicellular organisms. The size varies by type, but most are less than 15mm. The body weight […]