How far can a bat see

October 31, 2019 relon 0

As the only flying animal, bat is a loyal guard in the rainforest, although it looks a little sorry to the audience. Bats can “plant” […]

king penguin

October 30, 2019 relon 0

King penguin is recognized as a cold warrior in the world, and its image is often used as a pattern in all trademarks related to […]

The biggest cats

October 30, 2019 relon 0

When we talk about the biggest cats, we always think of African and Asian prisoners. However, there are other big cats around the world. One […]

Tibetan antelope King

October 29, 2019 relon 0

The king of Tibetan antelope is a rare and rare mammal in the world. It only lives in the alpine meadow, alpine grassland or cold […]

White Wolf

October 29, 2019 relon 0

A white ghost haunts the vast northern ice mountains and valleys, walking through the vast wilderness. It hunts and kills moose. I don’t know how […]