California Grizzly Bear

May 27, 2019 relon 0

The California grizzly bear is a subspecies of the brown bear known as Ursus arctos californicus. Species overview In California, there are grizzly bear signs […]

great apes

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Great apes are the largest apes, mainly distributed in tropical forests in the equatorial region of Africa. The male ape is over 1.8 meters tall, […]

pygmy marmoset

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Pygmy marmosets are monkeys that live in forests on the upper Amazon River in South America, in Western Brazil, in southern Colombia, in eastern Ecuador […]

harbor seal

May 25, 2019 relon 0

The harbour seal is a kind of seal belonging to the genus Seal of the Seal family. Seals are found in temperate and polar waters […]

Desert Bighorn Sheep

May 19, 2019 relon 0

Desert bighorn sheep (scientific name: Ovis canadensis auduboni): one of the subspecies of bighorn sheep. Body length 1.5-1.8 meters, male weight 57-140 kg, female weight […]

elephant shrew

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Elephant shrew is a general term for elephant shrews. The elephant shrew has a long flexible mouth. Because all elephant shrews are named for their […]

The habitat of tigers

May 15, 2019 relon 0

Today, there are only about 5,000 to 7,000 tigers in Asia, and their habitats are still shrinking. Look at the left picture. This is a […]

bengal cat

May 15, 2019 relon 0

Bengal cat, a wide, improved, curved head with a rounded outline. The head shape is longer and wider. The head is slightly smaller in proportion […]

Marbled polecat

May 15, 2019 relon 0

Marbled polecat, an animal belonging to the genus Polygonaceae and marbled polecat. The marbled polecat body is slender and even, the ears are elliptical, the […]