South African armadillo lizard

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The South African armadillo lizard (scientific name: Cordylus cataphractus) is a suborder of lizards, ring tailed lizard. The body is about 20 centimeters long, covered […]

Monitor lizard

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The Monitor lizard is an animal of the genus Monitor lizard of the Giant Sauridae family, including the heaviest Komodo dragon and the longest Saurian […]

Marine Iguana

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Marine iguanas (scientific name: Amblyrhynchus cristatus): A species of iguanas found only in the Cologne Islands, with seven subspecies. The average body length and weight […]

Aldabra giant tortoise

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The Adarabala tortoise is a reptile of the genus Aldabra. There are also taxonomists who classify it under the name Turtle, known as Dipsochelys dussumieri. […]

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Tortoise refers broadly to the general name of the tortoise, and narrowly refers to the species under the tortoise. Tortoises are also called golden tortoises, […]

Rafetus swinhoei

March 29, 2019 relon 0

Zebra turtle (Rafetusswinhoei): also known as Sturtle. The back is 36-57 centimeters long, and the width of the back is only slightly less than the […]


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Ichthyosauria is a large marine reptile similar to fish and dolphins. They lived in most of the Mesozoic era. They first appeared about 250 million […]

Two headed snake

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The two-headed snake is a genus of the snake family, which has a cylindrical shape and a total length of about 400 mm. The head […]

King snake

March 25, 2019 relon 0

Kingsnake, also known as the Emperor Snake. The king snake (scientific name: Lampropeltis) is a snake genus under the snake subspecies, and the subordinate snake […]


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Thunder Dragon (genus name: “Brontosaurus”) is a genus of dinosaurs under the sauropod. Othniel Charles Marsh named the “Brontosaurus excelsus” in 1879, and brontē/βροντη means […]


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Archaeopteryx (outside name: Archaeopteryx), which was the earliest discovered and considered the most primitive bird (actually a feathered dinosaur), and later discovered that the birth […]