Cats and cats do not shit and constipation, how to do?

If a cat has difficulty defecating or does not defecate for several days, it should be alert to whether it has developed constipation. Constipation is not a disease, but it has a great impact on the health of cats. If the cat has not defecated for several days, it must be sent to a pet hospital for examination.

Generally speaking, mild constipation can be slowly improved by daily diet and medication. For example, usually prepare some soft and easily digestible food for cats, and provide some food rich in dietary fiber for cats, to help promote intestinal peristalsis so that cats can excrete. You can also try to get a pet cat to drink some honey water to help lubricate the intestine and promote its excretion.

If the cat’s constipation is already serious, enema or direct surgery may be required. Of course, medical treatment must be designed in a professional pet hospital with the help of a professional veterinarian. As a parent, you should never enema or operate on your cat.