Causes and solutions of odor on dogs.

Believe that there are dog owners at home all know that sometimes pet dogs have a strange smell on their body. Owners usually have a thorny problem with it. What is the reason for the heavy taste of dogs? How to improve the problem of dog odor? Let’s understand the causes and solutions together!

1. Reasons for odor on pet dogs

1. No clean bath

If pet dogs do not regularly clean and wash their bodies, they will leave a lot of dirt on their bodies, which will naturally emit a bad smell.

2. Endocrine Causes

Endocrine hormones may also cause odors in dogs, especially those that are more oil-prone, more bacteria-prone, and bacterial decomposition can lead to odors.

3. Inheritance of Variety Relations

The problem of breed is more difficult, some because of the relationship between species heredity, or it may be like a sanddog, natural skin stacking folds are very many, easy to get stuck in the folds, bacteria will also have dirty odor.

4. Possible illness

For example, oral problems can cause saliva, teeth and even the whole oral cavity will taste, licking places are also left saliva odor, quite annoying, in addition to ear inflammation, skin diseases, etc., will have body odor.

2. How to treat dog body odor?

1. Wash ass and anus gland

Whether it’s urine or large, it must be more or less dirty near the skin hair, accumulated over time may become lumpy, and the anal glands on the dog body is also one of the key sources of odor, are recommended to clean up! ___________

2. How to squeeze the anal glands

Imagine the dog’s anus as a clock plate, sometimes needles and needles. After wearing gloves, give it a gentle massage at 4:00 and 8:00, gently massage and squeeze until something yellowish-brown sprays out, try not to smell it!

Notes: If the outflow of liquid with blood, may be suffering from anal gland inflammation and other diseases, it is best to take it to the pet hospital for treatment.

3. Wash your feet and nails frequently

Regular nail clipping for dogs, whether it’s DIY or a pet beauty shop, don’t forget the gap between the claws when bathing. That’s where bacteria love to hide!

4. Clean earwax regularly

Dogs’ears also have a bad taste. They can be cleaned regularly with cotton sticks, but be careful not to push the wax inside, otherwise, in the long run, the wax may accumulate deep in the dog’s ears.

5. Attention to dietary control

Taste of course also has a considerable relationship with diet, may be eating too much meat, greasy things, can be changed to some light food, remember that salt must not be too high, reduce fire can also be less bad breath!

6. Brush and wash teeth regularly

If there is a problem in oral cavity, but it is very difficult to cure and painful, so the owner really needs to help prevent rather than treat, take care of the dog’s oral teeth regularly, and if you do not come by yourself or feel troubled, you must also ask professional help to clean up regularly! You can also buy some dog bite gum and other slightly assisted teeth cleaning.

7. The importance of environmental cleanliness

It is a very effective way to clean the dog’s nest or the place where he often stays, deworming, sterilizing, and keeping the environment clean. It can also reduce the occurrence of diseases.