Chimpanzee: an animal that is good at using tools

Chimpanzees are very intelligent animals and are good at using tools.

Chimpanzees in Tanzania like to eat termites, but termites hide in caves beyond the reach of chimpanzees’ claws. So the chimpanzee found a small stick and put it into the ant’s nest to catch termites. When the stick was pulled out of the cave, some termites had been stained on the stick.

There are many chimpanzees in Tokyo’s Tama zoo. They find sugar juice at the bottom of the ant’s house and want to get it to eat, but their claws can’t reach in. So I found a branch and licked it with sugar juice. When they find that the smooth branches dip in less enamel juice, they will crush one end of the branches with their teeth, so that they can dip in more sugar juice.

At the Arnheim zoo in the Netherlands, the creativity of chimpanzees is remarkable. Most chimpanzees use their forepaws to scoop water, but one chimpanzee is different. He finds an old plastic cap discarded by tourists and uses it as a cup to drink water. Chimpanzees like to eat fresh leaves on trees. To prevent chimpanzees from tearing up branches, the zoo put barbed wire around the trees. Chimpanzees think of many ways to eat leaves. Some of them use big logs as ladders, some use long sticks to beat branches, some use stones to smash. In the end, we all worked together to move a stump, and then let one of them climb to the tree to pick leaves. The chimpanzees of Gambia in Africa are even more remarkable. When two British scientists investigated there, they found that Katie, a chimpanzee, used four different tools to get honey. The first tool is a long branch with a tip, which Katie uses to pierce the solid wax layer on the outside of the hive. Next, it uses a thinner, shorter, sharper stick to dig the hole deeper. The third tool Katie uses is an i-cm-diameter branch, which makes the branch about 30 cm long, and then uses the branch to poke open the closed hive. Finally, the gorilla poked a thin cane into the nest, picked out the sticky honey, and put it in his mouth to suck happily.