Coral, a wonderful flower of the sea

Coral is a kind of “gem” loved by people all over the world. Although it is listed as a gem, it is not a mineral, but the skeleton of a coral insect in the ocean. Because coral is like a branch, many people regard it as a kind of marine plant in a long history. By the beginning of the 18th century, some people mistakenly thought that the tentacles of coral were flowers. Until 1722, it was known that coral was not a plant, but a kind of animal shell – calcareous skeleton secreted by corals.

Corals are cylindric coelenterates that live in the pores of their own secreted skeleton, coral. Corals can’t walk on their own, only rely on the tentacles on the upper part of the mouth to catch microorganisms and send them to the mouth. The mouth digests the food and secretes a kind of calcareous substance to build its own body. Corals can proliferate rapidly by means of asexual reproduction and mitosis. In order to pursue food and sunshine, corals, like trees, grow high and on both sides, and develop into dendritic groups. Coral is colorful. There are thousands of postures, some of which are like exquisite and transparent beehives, some of which are like jade trees and precious branches. Some of them are like fire tree and durian, some of them are like smooth mushrooms.

Coral, with its natural beauty, can be used for decoration and display, or carved into ornaments. Coral is also a traditional Chinese medicine with sedative effect. Indications: shock and carbuncle.