Does a cat need a shave?

People who keep pets believe that they want their own small animals to be liked by others. The cat’s hair is its coat. It can not only keep warm and cold, but also make the cat have a beautiful appearance. Of course, regular care for cats is very important to keep them beautiful. So, do you think a cat needs to shave? How about a cat?

First of all, we will analyze the following situations in which a cat needs to shave:

1. Cats with dermatosis have been confirmed. From the point of view of treatment, after shaving off the cat’s hair, the treatment effect will be better, and the cat’s condition can be prevented from aggravating.

2. The condition of hair loss is serious. Cats with frequent licking can shave their hair, because after shaving, they can effectively reduce the condition of hair-spitting balls. Of course, this needs to be determined by the situation of the cats’licking and hair-spitting.

3. Cats are really afraid of heat. If the temperature in summer has been very hot, which seriously affects the normal life of cats, they can still shave their hair and help their body cool down.

Secondly, we should clear up the reasons why cats are not suitable for shaving.

1. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to shave cats, but for many reasons (some of the above), shaving is helpless. If you don’t feel hot, don’t shave cats for fun.

2. There is no floor or carpet in the house, but floor tiles or marble. If the cat is shaved in this case, it is easy to catch cold. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably judge whether a cat needs to be shaved according to the living environment.

3. Cats with sensitive personality and high self-esteem. For example, especially male cats without KC, fur is a sign of male. Once shaved, it will hurt the cat’s self-esteem.

4. There are more than two cats in the family, and there are fights between them. Hair is also a kind of protection for the skin of the cat. If the relationship between the cat and the cat is not particularly harmonious and there are fights, try to avoid shaving the cat to avoid injury.

5. Cats have the habit of going out, some domestic cats also have the habit of going out, if this is the case, it is not suitable for shaving, in order to avoid injury outside.

Notes: To determine whether their pet cats need to shave, parents can use the above conditions as a basis to rationally determine whether they need to shave their cats.