Does the fish remember only seven seconds?

Wrong statement: Fish only has 7 seconds of memory.

Long ago, someone told me that the fish’s memory is only 7 seconds. After 7 seconds, it won’t remember what happened. Everything will turn into a brand new beginning. So in that little aquarium, it’s never bored.

Truth: Some fish have memories that can last from one year to several years.

This statement comes from an advertisement. A large number of studies on fish memory have shown that fish memory lasts far more than seven seconds. Some fish may even have memories of up to one to several years.

In 1965, researchers at the University of Michigan conducted an experiment with goldfish. They put the goldfish in a long aquarium, and then shot a bright light at one end of the aquarium. After 20 seconds, they released an electric shock at the bright end of the aquarium. Soon, goldfish form memories of electric shocks. When they see light, they will swim to the other end of the tank to avoid electric shocks unless they are released into the water. Scientists who designed the experiment found that, with proper training, the goldfish could remember how to avoid electric shocks for up to a month.

In addition to goldfish, another famous ornamental fish Paradise Fish also has a strong memory. When the fish encounters a strange goldfish in the pond, it swims around curiously, looking at the new stranger’s neighbors until it loses interest. If Paradise Fish and Goldfish meet in a tank for the second time, they will soon find each other as old acquaintances and lose interest in exploring. Experiments have found that such memory can last at least three months.

Considering that most fish have only a few years to live, their memories are fairly long-lasting. In addition, some studies have shown that salmon, the well-known migratory fish, can return to their birthplace in adulthood because they form memories of the odor of their young living environment.