Fish without tail

Fish have tails and fins, because these can make fish more free in the water, but have you heard of fish without tails?

The name of this kind of fish is also very special. It belongs to the middle and surface fishes of the ocean. It migrates to shore with the black tide. It is carnivorous, mainly jellyfish and zooplankton. It also eats crustacean, jellyfish and seaweed. The swimming speed of the fish is slow. When the weather is good, it will expose its dorsal fin to the water and sail with the water, basking in the sun to improve its temperature. When the weather is bad, The body will be flattened to float on the surface of the water, with the dorsal fin and breech fin to row and control the direction, but also can use the dorsal fin in the sea somersault and dive into the sea floor. Mola has a gentle disposition. It lives in the tropical ocean. There are many luminescent animals around its body. Once it swims, the luminescent animals on its body will give out light. It looks like a bright moon from a distance, so it is also known as “moon fish”.

This kind of fish has no tail. It only has a huge head, which is the most prominent. It looks like the head of the fish has been swimming in the water all the time. This kind of head heavy and foot light body is suitable for diving. It often dives to the deep sea to catch fish and shrimps for food. Living on the surface of the ocean, they can dive to the deep sea below 600 meters, sometimes as many as 20 times a day.