Flying thief – skua

The skua is a kind of bird with bad reputation. It never tries to build a home, and it is lazy to go fishing in the sea. It only relies on the barrage to live and eat. So people call it “skua” to show their contempt for it.

There are two weapons hidden in the body of the skua, one is its sharp and hooked mouth, the other is its strong and strong wings. Depending on these two natural weapons, skuas commit crimes and rob houses. It flies high, hovering in the sky, searching the sea with two eyes of thieves. Once it is found that the seal acts alone without the protection of its parents, it swoops down unexpectedly, bites the seal with its beak and beats the seal with its wings. The little seal was made flesh and blood blurred by it, and was finally eaten. Robbing baby seals is just a matter of hand, but it’s just a matter of trying. It often robs fish. Because the skua likes to eat fish and refuses to catch it. The skua envies the cormorant. Cormorant is a fishing expert. When it feeds its young, it goes to the sea to fish every day. The skua sees the opportunity, ambushes in the middle of the road, takes advantage of the cormorant fishing return, complacently goes home to feed the young, unexpectedly jumps out, half way loots Sometimes a few skua collude to attack cormorant. The cormorant is not its opponent. After several rounds of fighting, it is dizzy and bloody, so it has to open its mouth to spit out the small fish hidden in the crop, and then fly away in a hurry. The thief gull got the stolen goods and has no intention of chasing after the cormorant again.

The skua lives like a robber. Its ferocious nature will hurt many useful animals So it’s a pest to humans.