Gathering and scattering in a hurry – stickleback

There is an extraordinary special habit in the marriage life of the stickleback, that is, the courtship and mating time are extremely short, gathering and dispersing in a hurry.

When spring just came, the male fish left the company and went to choose the site alone to build a new house. It built an ideal underwater villa under the water, and then began to prepare for the wedding. It has a natural wedding dress, which is caused by hormones inside the body: bright red abdomen, blue gray back, and even eyes are made up of sapphire. This beautiful color of male stickleback can break the hearts of the opposite sex.

During this period, due to the effect of hormones in the body, the abdomen began to change, the ovaries bulged and the belly became round. It is eager to wait for the male fish to propose. When the male fish finds his lover, he swims to him. It’s a saw dance, step by step close to the person of interest. It’s a pleasure for the female to show her love at first sight. It kept on flaunting its raised belly, and then followed the male stickleback closely to enter the new house

When the female goes into the nest, the male bumps her tail with her head, urging her to lay eggs as soon as possible. The speed of spawning is extremely fast. After spawning, the female squid leaves in a hurry. She doesn’t miss the underwater Palace at all. The male squid arranges the sperm cells on the egg in time to fertilize the egg It only takes a minute for them to fall in love at first sight and complete mating. This kind of relationship is too short!

The female is indifferent to the offspring. After she left the house, her baby rearing and all the housework fell on the male’s shoulders. It guards the fish’s nest and does not allow the enemy to invade it; it fans the water to provide sufficient oxygen for the eggs; after the birth of the young fish, it guards the young fish from the enemy’s invasion. It has two functions and takes the responsibility of cultivating future generations without complaint. However, when the young fish grow up, they don’t know their own father any more and only pursue their own happiness.