Gibbon is a kind of human ape. Its arm is very long. Once it bends down slightly, its hand can touch the ground. With its long and strong arms, gibbons can fly through trees. In the dark woods, he grabbed the branch with one hand, hung his body in the middle of the sky, shrunk his legs, swung his body, and swung hard to the front. His body flew in the air. Suddenly, his other hand grasped the branch in the distance, and his body turned over. Then it flies forward in the same way, like a spring swallow. The long-distance galloping of gibbon is as fast as lightning. The distance between two branches is tens of meters. It passes by in a flash. It is very relaxed and free. The posture is beautiful and light, just like performing acrobatic programs.

Gibbons walk through the trees like a general, but once they jump off the ground, they are ugly.

The walking posture of gibbons is funny. Because its upper limbs are too long and its lower limbs are too short, it seems that people walk on thin ice for fear of falling. It had to lift its long arms high above its head in order to balance its body and prevent it from tipping. This clumsy posture is like a defeated general who gives up his arms and makes people laugh. When it runs, it touches its forearm to the ground to help its hind legs run. It runs very fast, but its posture is not good. It always makes people worry that it will fall to the ground!

Gibbons are docile and can establish friendly feelings with humans. The gibbons raised in the zoo, who take the keepers as nannies, cry and shout when they don’t see each other in a day.