Grey whales set a record for the longest migration distance of mammals.

A 9-year-old whale swam more than 10,000 kilometers in 69 days, setting a record for the longest migration distance of mammals, according to a study published by scientists in the United States and Russia, foreign media reported.

Reported that the record was set by a gray whale named “Varvara”. Researchers at Oregon State University in the United States installed a tracker on the Russian island of Sakhalin in 2011 and tracked its migration trajectory thereafter.

According to tracker records, “Valvalla” swam from the Northwest Pacific to the northeast, then along the western Canada and the United States coast, to breeding grounds near Mexico, covering 11,000 kilometers.

Walwala then embarked on a southbound journey home, swam 13988 miles (about 22511km) in 172 days and broke the mammal migration record.

According to reports, the previous record holder of mammal longest migration is humpback whale, which once swam 9,800 kilometers one way.