How can dogs learn to be alone?

Working people have a fast pace of life, but there are also many pressures and worries brought about by work. The lively and lovely small animals can make people happy, relax, effectively relieve stress and promote physical and mental health, so pet raising has become a popular way to relieve stress. Many people have a puppy to enrich their lives and satisfy their emotional comfort and release.

Because of daily work, overtime and compensation, it is impossible to stay with pets all day. As the owner, you may feel guilty for leaving the lively and lovely dog at home alone, or you may worry that it will bite or bark or whine because of loneliness and impatience, affecting the neighbors around you. If you come home and find the house in a mess and urine everywhere, will you get angry with it or give it a flat meal? If these phenomena show that the dog has not learned to be alone, you might as well try the following ways to relieve loneliness and loneliness for him.

Gentle exchange method

Scientists believe that although many animals have higher IQs than dogs, no other animal can understand people’s words, expressions or even emotions better than dogs. Therefore, it is not only necessary but also effective to communicate with dogs.

Before going out, you have to be kind enough to tell him where you are going, to wait at home, to tell him that you will take him out to play when you come back, and that there will be delicious Dongdong rewards. If possible, leave him some delicious snacks, or put the dog’s favorite food on the toy bones or dog bite glue. Dogs who are good at understanding humans can get a lot of comfort from communication.

Developing Self-Confidence

Confident dogs are not prone to anxiety. You may as well play more games with the dog, fully praise and praise its excellent performance in the game, and enhance its self-confidence.

Slow Separation Method

Give it a snack and come back a few minutes later. Although it’s only a short separation, the dog will still jump up with joy, as if he had seen each other for a long time. Later, gradually lengthen the separation time, leaving the house many times a day until the dog is too lazy to ignore your entry and exit, not affected by separation.

Excessive Exercise Method

Before going out, you can take the dog outdoors to exercise, so that it consumes too much physical energy. So the dog will be tired when he comes home, hoping to fall asleep.

Attention transfer method

Give it an old dress or sock that smells like you, and the familiar smell will make it feel safe that you are still with it. Dogs are often given some fun toys to concentrate their energy on playing, so that their restless moods can be transferred and their loneliness forgotten. Toys that make noise are great.

In short, regular communication with the dog, share your feelings with him, encourage him, praise him, help to cultivate a harmonious and intimate relationship between you, promote his physical and mental health, so that he can fully enjoy the pleasure of being alone at home.