How did dinosaurs die out?

In the ancient Mesozoic, the earth was full of reptiles. Among them, dinosaurs are the most influential in the history of animals, leaving the most topics for future generations. But because of its long history, its death is still a mystery.

According to the traditional view, dinosaurs are the first ancient reptiles to dominate the world. According to the dinosaur fossils found in archaeology, experts infer that they first appeared in the middle of the Triassic period 200 million years ago. They are a large family with hundreds of genera and species. They have been active on the earth for more than 100 million years. By the end of the Baizhi period 65 million years ago, they were caused by the drastic changes in nature. Extinction on earth. So what kind of upheaval is this? How did it make dinosaurs extinct? There are no less than 10 explanations proposed by scientists. At present, there are mainly three kinds of influential ones: Baker of the United States thinks that 65 million years ago, an asteroid with a diameter of about 10 kilometers and a weight of 1.27 billion tons fell to the earth, which caused a big explosion 100 times the largest hydrogen bomb explosion. Force, a hundred times the size of the asteroid dust thrown into the sky, dense dust clouds covered the sky for three months, the day turned into night, a large number of animals and plants died, the interruption of food caused the mass extinction of the giant dinosaurs.

Dr. Ferguson of the United States proposed a new theory of dinosaur extinction. He and his colleagues tested 500 crocodile eggs and found that the sex of the crocodile is determined by the temperature of the fertilized eggs.

The alligators hatched at 26-30 ℃ are all female, while those hatched at 3490-36 ℃ are all male. According to this, he believes that the extinction of dinosaurs related to crocodiles is also due to the imbalance between male and female.

Some scientists also think that dinosaurs are a kind of constant temperature animals. Because of the global temperature drop at the end of the Baikui period, the dinosaurs without hairy feathers could not adapt to the rapid cooling temperature, so a large number of them died out.

Although dinosaurs are no longer the dominant animals of the earth, the above three theories used to explain the causes of extinction can only be used for one theory in the scientific community, and the fact that most of the above explanations can’t be justified is that in recent years, in the parts of the world that are not very civilized, people often find activities similar to dinosaurs.

In the Tianchi of Changbai Mountain in the northeast of China, the lake in the north of Tibet, and the Shennongjia dense forest in Hubei Province, some people have found animals that seem to have been extinct according to the traditional view. Because of their strange temperament and mysterious whereabouts, people can’t get close to them and study them deeply. In order to investigate the primitive living fossils known as monsters, many scientists have given their precious lives.

In Lake Tai Lai, Congo, Africa, there is a kind of giant, which looks very similar to the fossil image of a genus of dinosaurs, leilong. A French expedition was informed of the news. In 1978, it was buried in a dense forest, but it has not yet returned. Its whereabouts are unknown. A bold attempt by an American expedition in 1981 also failed.

In order to confirm that the animal was indeed a living dinosaur and carry out in-depth research on it, the Congolese government allocated a large amount of money in 1983 and organized a group of national experts to bring advanced instruments to Lake Tai Lai area.

Lake Tai Lai is more than 600 kilometers away from Brazzaville, the capital of Congo. It is located in the equatorial forest area. It rains all the year round, with abundant vegetation. Hundreds of kilometers around the lake are muddy and swampy, without even a catwalk.

With the help of local residents, they have been exploring for a long time before they occasionally see a small part of the body of such a giant on the lake. They only see its hairless and shiny skin shining on the water, small head, long and thin neck, and they know nothing about anything else.

It’s true that the death of dinosaurs has not been studied and understood, and there are new questions about whether dinosaurs still exist. Why did the distant and mysterious dinosaurs leave so many puzzles to human beings?