How far can a bat see

As the only flying animal, bat is a loyal guard in the rainforest, although it looks a little sorry to the audience. Bats can “plant” trees and impart pollen. Some insect eating bats can also control the number of pests. They can eat 600 mosquito sized pests an hour. If the rainforest loses bats, a whole batch of tropical plants and trees will not survive.

Unlike birds, bats don’t have feathers. And birds rely on vision navigation to search for food, but bats are used to using “ears” and echolocation to locate food. There is a saying that “blind as a bat.”

In fact, all bats share their vision, but researchers have yet to figure out how far bats can see.

Like dolphins and whales, bats use ultrasound pulses to lock food on the way, determine the size and shape of food, and then connect with each other. Its echolocation is extraordinarily accurate, especially at night, when it can detect insects the size of human hair when it can’t reach five fingers. When bats aim at food, echo pulses surge and food is captured.

Echo location is divided into two processes: high-frequency sound emission, reception and analysis. Make a sound through the throat, and then “say” it through the mouth or nose. Some bats even buckle the reed of their tongue. The frequency of their ultrasonic calls is 20-100 kHz, and their calls can travel nearly 340 meters per second. By calculating the time difference between sending and retrieving sound waves, bats can determine the distance of food.

Scientists still don’t understand how echolocation animals can solve these complex mathematical problems in their brains.

The only way for biologists to study bats is to catch and weave bats first, then install a radio transmitter on the back of bats, track where they fly, find out where they rest during the day, and where they hang upside down at night to digest food.

The mystery of how blind bats can make such accurate target positioning has attracted many biologists to track and study them, but there is still no significant breakthrough.