How to avoid pet dependence?

Pets bring pleasure and comfort to people’s life, but some people over indulge and depend on pets, which forms a kind of morbid condition, so-called pet dependence. It’s very dangerous to put your mind too much on pets. After all, there are many uncertainties.

How to avoid pet dependence? Learn to shift your attention, and don’t take pets as the only way to comfort your mind.

1. When you are sad and depressed

When you are sad or depressed, call your friends and write a diary carefully. The little animals give us comfort in our hearts, and our human friends can provide us with more support and practical help.

2. When you are unhappy with your friends

Don’t immediately compare them with pets in your mind. High quality friendship pays for each other. It’s children’s dream to obtain them unilaterally. Remind yourself of this often, which can improve our own psychological maturity.

3. Take some easy training courses

For example, painting, dessert making, gardening can not only add fun to life, but also make more friends with the same interests.

4. Don’t cancel your business trip, family visit and vacation activities again and again because you have pets

Even the most ideal master should live his own independent life. You can entrust the baby to a friend who also likes animals, or a professional agency. Pets often make us think we are their God, but it’s just an imagination. This is a good time to cultivate our trust in others.

5. The life span of pets is generally much shorter than that of humans.

Just like any good thing, it is inevitable to lose when you have it. Pet owners can convert their pet’s life cycle into adult’s life cycle (childhood, adolescence, adulthood, middle-aged and old) to remind themselves not to forget to adapt gradually, and accept the objective fact that they will leave us one day. This will help ease our separation anxiety once things happen.

As the article said, the life span of pets is relatively short, and too much emotion is poured into pets. Once the pets die, their psychology will be greatly hurt, even like losing a relative. Therefore, in terms of keeping pets, we should keep a good distance between relatives and strangers.