How to cultivate the habit of cats eating well?

1. Develop the habit of regular meals

If you want cats to develop a good habit of concentrating on meals, you should give them regular and quantitative meals from an early age. Don’t let cats always have food in their bowls. The long-time cat food tastes bad and smells bad, which will cause waste. Let cats develop the habit of concentrating on meals. If they haven’t eaten in 30 minutes, they will collect the cat food and wait until the next meal time. Don’t let cats develop the bad habit of eating when they want to eat, not wanting to eat later, but also having to eat. Once this habit is developed, cats become more selective. Imagine that in summer, cat food bowl still has the rest of the rice, it is easy to corrupt, cats may go to eat when it may lead to gastroenteritis.

2. Develop the habit of eating in a fixed place

Some cats like to carry their favorite food to a hidden, safe corner to prevent it from being snatched by other cats or animals. There are also cats that take food out of their utensils when they eat the food they like to eat. This is a very bad problem: hidden corners are usually dead corners of household hygiene. They are dirty. Cats eat dirty things when they pick up food. Even if the house is not dirty, cats will dirty the place when they pick up food. Therefore, when cats find that they want to hide food and eat, they must stop the cat’s behavior in time, put food into the utensils, or put a clean paper (or plastic cloth) near the utensils, so that the cat can eat on the paper (or plastic cloth), so that the cat can understand that the place you are looking for is clean, safe and convenient for large pieces of food. In this way, the cat won’t pick up food everywhere.

3. Develop the habit of eating fewer meals and more suppers in summer

In summer, when the weather is hot, people’s appetite will deteriorate, not to mention cats in overcoats. The hot weather makes cats less willing to eat, so in summer, they should adjust their eating time properly and eat fewer and more meals. Breakfast is slightly more, lunch and dinner are less. The owner gives the cat a night supper before going to bed, and more. That is to say, when it is not hot at about 7 o’clock, it should be given a little more, at about 12 o’clock at noon, at about 6 o’clock for dinner, and at about 11 o’clock in the evening, the heat will completely fade away and give more, so that the cat can eat.

4. Don’t give canned snacks casually

Snacks and cans are not good for the cat’s body. There are additives and preservatives in them. Just as children need to eat less snacks, it doesn’t matter if they eat them once or twice, but regular snacks and cans can make cats picky. Snacks and cans are awarded to cats only when they perform well.

5. Improve meals once or twice a week

Cat food can not fully meet the nutritional needs of cats. Cats should be improved once or twice a week to cook meat. The best time to cook meat for the cat is fixed, and the cat knows that it will eat delicious food one day and expects it very much.