How to do walking training for puppies and puppies.

The learning rules of puppies are somewhat different from those of adults. The puppy’s attention lasts only a few seconds. You can’t force the puppy to concentrate for a long time. Remember, puppies are babies, even if they seem big and smart, they are not.

How to train puppies to walk on loose rope?

1. In the first week of training, puppies are allowed to wear necklaces, chest and back, and lead ropes. Gently bring it to the puppy. Don’t take it too long, and it should be monitored in case anything else is caught.

2. The next step is to teach puppies to pay attention to sound signals. Repeat several times a day and the puppy will learn quickly. Use sound signals to keep the puppy away from damage and things you don’t want the puppy to explore. Use this signal before giving it a chance to make a mistake.

3. Don’t keep training so that puppies don’t bark or put pressure on them. Put the traction belt out of reach of the puppy. Make the house safe. Repeated training can make puppies angry, frustrated and afraid. After months of training, puppies can become disciplined.

4. When the puppy understands the meaning of the signal, practice 10-15 times in the living room first. When the puppy is stable, bring a leash to it. When it walks with you, make sure that the leash is always loose. Short-term practice and timely rewards are necessary. Change direction frequently.

5. Use sound signals from a relatively short distance first. Start at a distance of 1-2 meters and gradually increase the distance.

If you have started training puppies like this, when they grow up, they can walk well with you. The puppy may only need to train for 10 minutes at a time when he is 3 months old and increase by 5 minutes every month when he grows up, which means that when he is an adult, he can take a long walk with you.