How to prevent dogs from biting people?

Nowadays, it is necessary to prevent dogs from biting people. There are dogs everywhere, and some are friendlier than others. As dog owners, we must train our dogs to control their behavior at all times. We also have to tell other people how to do the right thing around the dog, the safety of the dog and how to prevent it from biting.

You need to know that no matter what breed and size, any dog will bite. Even the friendliest dogs can yell or bite when they are injured or frightened. No matter how old or young, we should learn how to prevent being bitten by dogs. Most importantly, the dog owner must be responsible for his dog.

How to prevent dogs from biting people

Dog owner: how to prevent dogs from biting people

·Give your dog basic obedience training to make him more obedient, and this training will last a lifetime.

·Let your dog interact with different people calmly and actively, especially with children, disabled people and the elderly.

·Regularly expose your dog to different situations, such as other animals, noise, large machinery, bicycles and anything else that might frighten him. Start training them as early as possible so that the experience has a positive impact on them.

·Don’t physically punish your dogs, or yell at them or beat them to obey.

·Hold your dog at any time, or let it move in a fenced area. Before you untie the dog’s rope, you must fully understand his temperament and always pay attention to his behavior.

·If you think your dog is timid or aggressive, remind others at any time. If you can’t control the situation, don’t let your dog get close to other people and animals. Put a muzzle on him when necessary.

·Regularly vaccinate the dog (especially rabies vaccine) and take him to physical examination regularly.

·If your dog does well, reward and reward him often.

How to prevent adults and children from being bitten by dogs

·Never approach or touch a strange dog without permission from the owner. If the owner is not present, don’t get too close to the dog.

·When you meet a strange dog, ask him to come to you. Squat down or step aside and let him smell your hand before you touch him.

·Don’t put your face close to a strange dog – this includes hugging and kissing.

·Learn about dog body language – most dogs show some special warning before biting.

·If you are cornered by a dog, don’t move around and avoid eye contact. Never run away / scream. When the dog no longer pays attention to you, turn around slowly and walk away.

·If you are knocked down by a dog, lie down in the original position, protect your head and face, don’t move around, keep calm.

·Never approach a dog that is eating, sleeping, or caring for its young. Dogs are usually more alert and frightened in this situation.

·Never leave a child or baby alone with a dog.

·Do not approach, touch or attempt to move the injured dog. You should contact your veterinarian or the animal management center for help.

What to do if you are bitten by a dog

·The dog owner must control the dog and treat the injured immediately.


If possible, the injured person should immediately wash the bitten part with warm, foaming water.

·Contact the occupational physician immediately (decide whether to call an ambulance according to the condition of the injury). The person who has been bitten must fully comply with the instructions of the doctor.

·Veterinary and local authorities must be contacted.

·Dog owners must provide all medical information about the dog as required by the staff – especially the history of rabies vaccination, which also needs to be informed to the injured.

·Dog owners must take steps to prevent the dog from biting again – contact a professional trainer or animal behavior specialist. It’s important to know that there are local laws and regulations that require dogs to be detained or even euthanized once they bite someone.

As long as proper measures are taken, dogs can be prevented from biting people. Always bear in mind the responsibility of dog owners, and the key to ensure safety is to spread to the public how to prevent being bitten by dogs.