How to raise the green iguana?

Green iguana is a large arboreal vegetarian species living in tropical rain forests of South America. Looking at the global pet lizard market, green iguanas are worthy of the king of pet lizards. They have a magnificent appearance, 170 to 210 centimeters long huge shape let everyone exclaim its wonderful, and bright emerald green body color is also very attractive. Let the green iguana enthusiasts try to raise one.

Food: Fresh pesticide-free mulberry leaves, rose petals, coriander leaves, mustard leaves, dandelion leaves, cabbage, chopped green peas and so on. Generally young iguanas are fed twice a day, once a day when their body length exceeds 90 cm.

Temperature: The temperature of the environment should change, because appropriate temperature changes can stimulate digestion and nutrient absorption, enhance immunity and resist infection. Green iguanas live in the environment of 30-32 degrees Celsius in the daytime. Incandescent light bulbs can be used to warm the environment. The basic temperature of green iguanas at night should be 24-27 degrees Celsius. Green iguanas like to keep the dark environment while sleeping, which is conducive to maintaining the stability of the physiological rhythm of green iguanas, so green iguanas are late. Lighting should not be turned on in the residential environment above.

Illumination: The purpose of illumination is to promote the absorption and utilization of calcium and vitamin D3 in iguanas. When the outdoor temperature is higher than 27 degrees Celsius, enough light can be given to the iguana. If the illumination requirement of iguanas cannot be met, ultraviolet light can be installed in the environment where iguanas live to provide the necessary illumination.

Clean: Because of its huge size, the green iguana must live in a large environment. In order to ensure its life movement, the length of its living space should be 2.5 times its body length. At the same time, it is necessary to clean the environment regularly to ensure its clean and comfortable living environment.

Green iguanas should be kept away from pets, dogs and children. Because lizards belong to cold-blooded reptiles, how gentle and gentle their ordinary personality, there will still be a hurtful scene. In order to ensure the safety of family members and pet dogs and cats, contact should be avoided in the process of raising iguanas.