How to train dogs not to eat strangers’food.

Dogs are greedy, and when they see the temptation to eat, they may not be able to control their behavior. The training of dog’s refusal to eat not only prevents the dog from overeating, but also prevents the harm caused by eating the bad person by mistake. To prevent accidents, dogs are trained not to eat food given by strangers. In order to ensure that the training is not interfered with, the first choice is a less pedestrian, less interference venue. The owner of the dog asks a friend to bring him a piece of food that the dog likes.

The owner first invites friends to help him feed the dog food. When the dog wants to eat, the owner uses the method of pulling the rope backwards to stop the dog’s desire to eat, and gives the dog a “NO” command, telling him that such behavior is wrong.

If the dog still can’t resist eating strangers’food, then another way can be taken to stop the dog from refusing to eat. If the dog wants to eat the food given by strangers, the owner will shout “No” and pull the traction rope upward to stop the dog eating. Please be careful not to hurt the dog.

When the dog is no longer interested in strangers’food, please reward the dog immediately. For dogs, anti-feeding is a difficult training, which takes a long time to consolidate the effect. At the same time, the training effect of anti-feeding has a great relationship with the quality of dogs. For some dogs with strong appetite reflex, anti-feeding training often takes longer time, and the owners need to spend more energy. But for the health of dogs, we still need to persist in training, as long as the effort is deep and the iron pestle is ground into a needle.