king penguin

King penguin is recognized as a cold warrior in the world, and its image is often used as a pattern in all trademarks related to cold and cold.

King penguins live in the ice and snow of the Antarctic continent. How do they breed and have children? People often worry about them.

The Antarctic continent is extremely cold. The eggs that penguins lay when they breed, don’t they want to freeze into ice hockey? People’s inference is certainly based, but for king penguins, it doesn’t exist at all. Because the king penguin has the special ability of resisting the cold and resisting the cold, it can overcome the cold and protect the birth of its children.

It is the nature of king penguins to love their offspring. The male and female king penguins work together to raise their children. Mother penguin is considerate to her children, and her caress is meticulous. However, the penguin father is not inferior, and he loves his children better than his mother. When children are coming, they are excited.

Female penguins lay only one egg at a time. When it lays its eggs, the male penguin is always by its side. Just after the egg was born on the ground, the male penguin immediately rushed forward and rolled the egg onto his foot with his mouth. The skin of King Penguin’s abdomen was loose, and a thick skin fold stretched out under his belly, like a leather bag, tightly wrapped the egg on his foot. The skin of king penguin is rich in fat, which is a natural thermal insulation layer. The pleats on the eggs are even warmer than the duvet. The eggs will not be damaged by the cold and can hatch safely.

Father penguin takes care of his unborn children with great care. He walks carefully, moving his left and right feet alternately, and treading gently, for fear that the egg will fall and hurt. For the safety of the egg, it doesn’t eat for tens of days and sticks to its post. Penguin mothers are even more worried about their children. Every time they come back from hunting in the sea, they always rush to their homes to see their children. It took the eggs from the male penguin and hatched them. The ceremony of handing over eggs is very solemn. Male penguins and female penguins stand face to face, with their toes touching their toes. The male penguin pushes the egg to the instep with his mouth. The egg is immediately transferred to the female penguin’s instep. The female penguin then covers it with the skin fold under her belly.

After 50 or 60 days of hatching, the penguin came out with a broken shell. Young penguins can’t make a living on their own, but also rely on their parents to feed them. Biologists from China who went to Antarctica for scientific investigation found that king penguins have a unique habit of feeding their children. They come back from fishing in the sea and run straight back to their children to feed their children. It’s amazing that parents can identify their own flesh and blood without any difficulty among the countless young penguins.