Larus brunnicephalus

The famous “Bird Island” of Qinghai Lake is a paradise for birds. There are many families of birds living there, among which the spotted geese are the watchmen of the world. Their nests can be seen everywhere on the bird island. But since the number of brown headed gulls has soared, the geese have suffered a lot. Because the brown gull often encroaches on the nest of the spotted geese, and sometimes steals the construction materials of the spotted geese. Spot headed wild geese are not willing to be humiliated, and they will rise up to defend themselves when they can’t bear it. Therefore, a “bird war” of aggression and anti aggression broke out, and the peaceful bird island caused a great stir.

The palm head gull has a strong sense of revenge. After receiving the counterattack from the spotted goose, he will hold a grudge and wait for the opportunity to revenge. Two months later, the geese passed the incubation period safely. The mother goose leads the chicks out of the nest for only 3 days. When their mother and son walked through the nest of the brown head gull, they were suddenly ambushed. The brown head gull surrounded the spot headed geese, and they couldn’t help but fight. The female spotted geese are guarding the chicks while fighting, but they are outnumbered by the others. A few little geese are pecked to death by the brown Headed Gull. The survivors who escape from death are also covered with bruises and bleeding. Every spring, spotted headed geese suffer from such a disaster. From then on, they never recover. Their family members are decreasing year by year.

The brown Headed Gull is a bit domineering on Bird Island. It likes to eat small fish, but it can’t go fishing in deep water, so it can’t be full. It looked at the fishing expert cormorant, fish gull every day have a rich fish meal, eyes red very, so a guilty heart. It looks for the nests of cormorants and fish gulls, hovers over the nests, detects the whereabouts of the nesters, takes advantage of the gap between the nesters’ absence, steals the food in the nests, and takes away the rations of the young.

With the ability of “blocking the way and robbing” and “breaking through the door and grabbing food”, brown head gull has become a superpower on Bird Island. There are four or five of them living on the ground every square meter. There are as many as 20000 of them on the island. Although they have become big and prosperous families on the island, they still can’t change their bad habits. They behave badly in birds, not to mention friendship to humans. When people step on the bird island, they suddenly take off, hover and fly over your head, and keep shouting “ahhh”. The sound is deafening. Then dive to you in turn. When approaching your head, suddenly lean up, throw out a white faeces from the back of your tail, shoot down on your head, shoulder and face, and make an air raid on you. This is a yellow card warning to you. If you observe its nests and nests, it will hit your head with its wings, splashing feces all over you. Therefore, those who visit the island must be prepared in advance to prevent air strikes.