Living habits of hare

The living habits of domestic rabbits have changed for a long time because they have owners to eat and drink and no wild animals to bully them. But the hare that lives in the mountain forest is different. Only from them can we see the true appearance of the hare.

The living habits of hares are gregarious. A dozen or dozens of hares are crowded in a cave, regardless of men, women, old and young. They are united and never have disputes. They are busy working all day, looking for food, expanding houses, living a tense and happy life. However, in the breeding period, they are abnormal. They form a couple and form small families. They don’t want to be attached to the bustling big family anymore.

The head of the hares’ family is a female, not a male. This is different from other animals. The female rabbit is the protagonist of the family, who is responsible for digging holes, arranging household chores and caring for her children. The male rabbit’s task is just to protect the family and not allow outsiders to invade the grassland they eat.

The rabbit family has a fixed place, which they occupy, of course. This task is done by the male rabbit. The male rabbit occupied the grassland and used his own excrement to delineate the area. It poops and pees along the edge of the grass as a territorial boundary. In the breeding period of male rabbit, the body secretes a kind of secretion with strong taste, which can be smelled from a long distance. Not only the stink of excrement and urine, but also its chin. The hare rubs the grass stem, tree root or stone with its chin, indicating that this is its territory and is inviolable to others.

Although the hare is weak in physical strength, it will also work hard to defend its home. Once there is a robber crossing the border, he will face to face and fight desperately. Or bite your opponent’s long ears, or kick with your back foot, or cut your opponent’s belly with your claws. It was not until the invaders fled with torn ears that the battle of defense ended. This kind of fight is a matter between rabbits. Once they encounter wolves, leopards, tigers and other beasts, they have long run away.