Marriage is the grave of love – Spider

Spider’s life style has always been very hidden, rarely known. Their love, marriage and childbirth are also a mystery that is not easy to understand.

In recent years, some people have studied the reproductive process of spiders. He reported to people that spiders use singing and dancing to propose and pursue the opposite sex. It’s unbelievable. People shake their heads and say, “how can spiders sing and dance when they are crawling around the web all day? They only catch flying insects! No, you don’t know enough about the spider family.”. There are about 3500 kinds of spiders on the earth, and their footprints are all over the earth. Among them, the spiders that can spin silk and make webs and catch flying insects are no more than half of the family members. The other half doesn’t weave. Spiders who can’t weave webs use songs to contact the opposite sex, show their love and achieve the purpose of mating.

Where does the spider’s song come from? It’s a difficult question for ordinary people to answer. Entomologists found that it has a white “stick” on its mouth. Stick friction can produce a two syllable trill, and the bosom friend hears this special signal and rushes to it. Some male spiders knock on the ground with their first pair of feet, giving out a lively rhythm, like the “rolling” sound of wheels rolling on the ground. Some male spiders hit the ground with their belly, up and down, every 3-5 seconds. This sound sounds like the most beautiful waltz to female spiders, and love is immediately activated by it.

Courting with dancing is the specialty of web spiders. Because they dance very well, but they don’t use singing voice very much. The stage where the male spider dances, of course, is the web he weaves. It dances with its thin feet, pulls the radiation line of the spider web with its strength, and treads the web wire rhythmically, as if it is a small fast-paced dance with fast rhythm. The female spider is fascinated by this kind of fast step dance. She is happy with the male spider’s proposal. She has long been looking forward to the young dancer’s courtship.

Biologists believe that spiders’ strange ways of courtship appear in the competition for survival. Because most of the female spiders are nearsighted and cruel, they will show their ferocity even when they love each other, and eat their lovers at once. So for male spiders, love life is half heaven and half grave. Since they want to love, they need to be prepared to die for love in order to propose In the long run, I have learned to be smart, so I have to take a cautious way to test each other with songs and dances, and never dare to act rashly. Only when the female spider is in the best state of mind can she dare to propose. Even if he is so careful, he can’t avoid being destroyed. It’s hard for the male spider to walk!