Mermaid in the sea

Mermaid is a beautiful pronoun. Is there any Mermaid in the world? There is no Mermaid with body and tail in real life, which is an imagination of people, but there is a creature called “Mermaid” which is dugong.

This kind of creature is not common, because there are few dugongs left in the existing world, and it is listed as a rare protected animal. This kind of creature lives in the sea, is a herbivorous sea creature, without any aggression. And it’s a mammal, under its breast fins. This kind of non aggressive creature lives in the sea grass area, to avoid other creatures from threatening them. When it’s active, it’s also 2-3 heads together. It’s regularly surfaced to breathe. People often mistake it as a mermaid, leaving a beautiful picture for people, so the charming Mermaid in the movie will appear. Because of this, Species are herbivores, which have been hunted by human beings, and dugong population has decreased dramatically.

We should protect the beautiful things instead of destroying them wantonly. One day you will find that if there is only human on the earth, it will be the sorrow of human beings!