Musk ox’s greatness – self sacrifice

Social animals living in open areas are often difficult to get out of danger after encountering enemies, but in order to protect their collective safety, older animals will show the heroic spirit of “self sacrifice”.

When a group of wild ducks meet with enemies, in order to protect their “children”, some adult wild ducks will lie on their side in a conspicuous place in the distance, flap a wing, pretend to be injured, and lure the enemies to come. When the enemy sees this situation, he will discard the young ducklings and turn around to hunt them, so that the ducklings can escape. However, when it is estimated that the “wounded” adult duck can jump to escape, it is often “wounded” due to the rapid impact of the enemy.

As a duck, he became a “duck martyr”.

Musk ox in North America, though large in body, is often hunted by wolves. In order to protect cows and calves, male muskrats often make self sacrifice. In their long struggle with wolves, they seem to have found a good way to deal with their enemies. During the investigation, zoologists witnessed a group of vicious wolves attacking a group of musk oxen, while the strong male musk oxen immediately gathered together to form a breakwater to protect the cows and calves, each head down, two horns against the wolves, and put up a counter attack posture. Occasionally, one of the Bulls would rush out to attack the wolves, and then quickly return to its original position. The other bulls also took turns to attack and return. This kind of defense method often makes wolves hard to start, but it is also dangerous. Sometimes it will be killed by fierce and cunning wolves.