Nine interesting knowledge about cockroaches.

1. Headless cockroaches can live for weeks. They will eventually die of hunger, not headlessness?!

2. Cockroaches have the means to make collective decisions. When 50 groups of cockroaches face three nests that can live up to 40 each, they are divided into two groups, and the third nest is empty.

3. Cockroaches are one of the most farting species.

Cockroaches began 120 million years ago when dinosaurs appeared. It seems that it is impossible for us to eliminate them completely.

5. Cockroaches shed dandruff. What?! So they also have skin?!

6. Cockroaches raised in outer space will become stronger, faster and stronger than cockroaches on Earth!

Hope that human beings do not accidentally take cockroaches to outer space.

7. It is said that cockroaches have new species that can survive extreme cold. So the cockroach ice in the freezer will not die!

8. Cockroaches will feel lonely and sick if they are alone for a long time.

But when you come to play with them, you kill them again. Yes, it’s you, human beings. You’re so miserable! ___________

9. Cockroaches have their own communities.

Originally, cockroaches also have so many things I never knew, but actually Xiaobian is very afraid of cockroaches, so I will silently pray that cockroaches will disappear one day!