One of the most dangerous birds in the world can easily kill adults.

Portrait of the cassowary. Casuarius casuarius, Casuaridae fam. Head, colorful bird, close up

In digiru National Park, Queensland, Australia, there are many recognized beasts in the world, such as sharks, snakes and so on, but the most ferocious one must surprise you, because it is a bird.

But this bird is extraordinary. It is one of the most dangerous birds in the world. It can grow to the height of human beings. When it or its young are threatened, it will launch a fierce attack. This is the Rhea.

Graham, a veterinarian in the National Park, has been looking after lone or injured rheas. He recalled that the most impressive thing was that he and his colleagues were walking in the jungle, when they came across the adult Rhea and two young birds, they were surrounded by groups and had to climb to the tree to escape.

The Rhea is a distant relative of EMU and ostrich. It mainly feeds on plant fruits, but it will use a terrible mace when attacking – the claw of Rhea is as long as 12 cm, like a dagger, with strong legs. They will come to you and kick you with their legs, which is enough to kill people.

The ostrich is a master of ambush. The feathers of young birds are brown, and they will turn black when they grow up. This is completely integrated with the rainforest. The ground of the rainforest is brown, and the darker the color is, so both young and adult birds are good at hiding themselves. Most of the ostriches live alone. They usually dodge when they see people, but they are very sensitive to sound. If they feel threatened, they will not run away, but will come face to face. The ostrich is like a living dinosaur. Its legs are very similar to the Velociraptor. It has huge toes, scales and sharp toenails. You don’t want to piss it off.

But this fierce animal is on the brink of extinction, which is a sad story for both nature and human beings.