Others dare to catch badgers as pets? That’s too daring.

If you want to say that there are animals in the world that are the most brave, then it is definitely not honey. Honey is a legendary existence in nature. Because of its black and white color, it often challenges animals larger than your body size. So many people named it Pingtou.

The name of Pingtou brother is social, but it is in line with the character of candied, because they are fearless, no matter who the opponent is, as long as they get into it, it must be an endless situation. Once an explorer Just because I stepped on the candied fruit, the result was completely chased by the candied fruit for a day. Although the candied fruit can not cause much harm to human beings, this kind of momentum is enough to make people feel guilty.

The other achievements of Candied are also very good, such as the war lion and the hyena. In the African grasslands, there are basically no animals that can’t be ridiculed. Even the lions want to do it, although they may end up being killed, but this is fundamental. Can’t make Pingtou brother afraid.

The favorite food of candied fruit is honey, and there are all kinds of poisonous snakes. It has super toxic immunity in the body. It is like an ordinary animal that bites it like a tick. This kind of interesting animal naturally attracts human eyes. Foreign zoologists arrested the candied fruit as a pet. As a result, the smart candied ran away after three or five. Digging the tunnel and opening the door to lock the various methods. The owner was troubled and troubled, and the master could not do anything. , can only put Pingtou brother back to nature.