Otter, the natural enemy of fish

Otter is the natural enemy of fish. It has a very high ability to catch fish. Therefore, from the very early ancient times, fishermen domesticated otter and let it fish for its owner. A well-trained otter can go down the river with his master on a fishing boat and follow his master’s command to get fish under the water.

Otter has its own unique way to catch fish. Unlike cormorant, otter tracks and hunts fish. Instead, it specially blocks the hole to dig out the fish’s nest, which is often “connected with the nest end” to catch all the fish. The cave at the bottom of the river is often a hiding place for fish. Otters are good at looking for fish holes. When the fish in the hole see an otter, they can’t move, just like mice see an old cat. They are at the mercy of an otter. The otter took the fish’s tail, brought it out of the water and handed it to the owner. The owner of the boat gave him a small piece of fish, and the otter continued to catch fish in the water. If meet a big fish, otter will bite the belly or mouth of the fish, leaving the fish dying and struggling will not help. It’s impossible to deal with a fish of more than 10kg by single shot. It requires two otters to cooperate with each other, one to bite the mouth, the other to bite the tail, and lift the big fish out of the water…

Otters fish very hard and work tirelessly for several hours. If a large fish hole is found, it will go back and forth countless times to catch all the fish in the hole. However, there are times when otters are slacking off. Because domestic otters are domesticated by wild otters, it is difficult to get rid of the wild after all. Sometimes when the owner doesn’t pay attention, the otter swims to the distance, hides behind the reef and steals the fish. When the careful owner found out, he immediately stopped the fish and pulled it out of its mouth. At this time, the otter, conscious of his fault, hurriedly raised his front foot to beg for mercy, and immediately went into the water to catch fish for his master, to show his atonement.

An otter needs to be trained for half a year. Successful otters will launch on time. Every day when dawn comes, it gets up early and waits for its master to assign tasks. Occasionally the owner sleeps, the otter “whines” to call, and bites the cabin door to make a loud noise, urging the owner to get up. If the owner of the boat is drunk, the otter will break the chain rope and go down the river to fish… Its diligence and trustworthiness often make the host feel inferior.